Does Your Business Need SIEM Security?

If you run a small business, you’re probably wondering what SIEM is all about. Is it something that applies to your organization; is your business “too small” to take advantage of SIEM? Plus, how does it work, and what exactly is it?

How to Prevent Data Loss in a Company

Whether data and information are your trade or you just need to make sure your employee and company data is safe, take a look at how to prevent data loss in a company. Cyber threats access more and more private data and information each day. While you may not think data loss can happen to your company, a large percent of businesses experience loss of some kind.

Outsourcing IT Pro and Cons

Finally end the company debate and look into outsourcing IT pros and cons. Whether you’ve had an in-house IT department for years or you’re just launching your IT plan, ask a consultant what benefits and disadvantages might come with outsourcing IT for your company.

Data Center Disaster Recovery Checklist

The best way to prepare your IT operation for an effective response to an unexpected IT event is to plan a data center disaster recovery checklist. Data center disasters are any unexpected system events that can cause data operations failure or result in the loss of data or information.

Types of Penetration Testing Metairie

The safety of your data and information can depend on the focus of your approach to cyber security for your company. While implementing safety measures and taking security steps is key, your information could still be the focus of cybercrime if you don’t use proactive application of hacker prevention.

Why Companies are Moving to the Cloud

IT technologies evolve by the hour, but don’t be left behind when it comes to data storage systems. Find out why companies are moving to the cloud. When you move to storing your data and information in the cloud, you gain the benefits that come with a cloud drive storage system.

The Value of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP allows businesses to make calls using broadband internet instead of relying on the typical phone system. To do this, the sound is converted

To VPN or not to VPN?

GDS was asked by an employee of a client about VPN. We were asked should they run VPN at home for normal internet use even when they are not accessing company information. The answer we gave them is it depends.