Disaster Recovery Preparation Guide for Hurricanes

Strong backup and disaster recovery (BDR) planning is crucial for businesses during hurricanes.  For businesses in Louisiana, it’s even more important that you have a functioning, tested system in place to help you recover sensitive data after a disaster.

Leveraging the cloud has made disaster recovery very affordable. In minutes, your server can be in the cloud, and after the storm passes, it can be moved back to the internal office location. This can also provide automated backup testing in the cloud to confirm that your backups work without impacting your current servers. 

To be confident that your data is secure and operations continue to run smoothly, here are a few tips to protect your business during hurricane season.

Make Sure Backups Work

Perform a restore to confirm that everything you’re counting on is in working order. 

Check Your Cloud Restore

Make sure your cloud-restore and disaster recovery tools are up and running.

If You’re Not In The Cloud

To make sure nothing gets lost, perform an extra off-site backup.

Keep Local Backups Safe

Ensure that your local backups are secured in a high, dry place that keeps them away from floodwaters and unplugged from power sources.

Ask for Help

Talk to Grayson Data Services about our plan to back up your data, and communicate what data and applications are mission-critical (and should be considered for cloud storage) and which can be backed up locally. 


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