The Value of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP allows businesses to make calls using broadband internet instead of relying on the typical phone system. To do this, the sound is converted into a digital voice and then transferred as data.

Basically, by investing in a VoIP solution, you will be using the internet to make phone calls in your company. Why should you do this and what value can it bring to your business model?

Keeping Costs Low

The main benefit of a VoIP solution is that it will allow you to cut costs. It’s far cheaper than using a typical telephone connection. Are you making business deals overseas? Long distance phone calls are also far more cost-effective through this solution.

What you need to remember is that VoIP is data. This makes it more similar to emails or instant messaging than a typical phone call. Data is always going to be a more efficient and cost-effective way of transferring info.

Easy To Manage

A VoIP system also keeps everything on one system. Traditionally, a telephone will use the voice network while your computers operate on another network entirely. With VoIP technology, everything is handled and run through one network solution. Once again, this cuts costs and makes everything easier to manage.

The Value Of Packets

When VoIP is transmitted through the digital network it is transformed into packets. Unlike sound, packets will always use the most efficient pathways. This ensures that connections throughout your company and indeed outside it are always going to reach the maximum speed.

One of the main issues with VoIP in the past has been competing with legacy telephones that provide a high-quality voice in real time. Now, VoIP tech has evolved and software voice calls can occur in real time just like an actual telephone line. There’s no longer any delay.

Keeping Things Flexible

You might think that you need new tech to use a VoIP system but this isn’t the case. With a VoIP converter you can use the typical telephone for this type of connection. As well as this, with VoIP you will be provided with your own unique number. That means, assuming you have an internet connection you will be able to receive phone calls on the same number no matter where you are in the world. This is once again going to keep your business connections cost effective. You can even access your VoIP systems while you are travelling through. All you have to do is take a headset or even your IP phone with you to make sure that you can always stay in contact at a low cost.

We hope you see now the true value of a VoIP system in your business. You can save money, keep connections rapid and benefit from the latest call technology in your company. A third of businesses today now use VoIP technology and you should definitely consider joining them. Below are some of the fantastic features available to your business with your solution.

  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Recording
  • Hold Music
  • Virtual Receptionists
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