Types of Penetration Testing Metairie

The safety of your data and information can depend on the focus of your approach to cyber security for your company. While implementing safety measures and taking security steps is key, your information could still be the focus of cybercrime if you don’t use proactive application of hacker prevention. The best way to gain full confidence in the strength and integrity of your information security is through penetration testing. Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, takes an offensive role in evaluating the vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure of your company.

Penetration Testing

Can you depend on the security application you’re using to protect your company’s data and information? You need to be confident that your valuable information is safeguarded by a software you can rely on. Penetration testing uses proactive methodology to assess the vulnerability in your security software by actively attempting to gain access to your security base.

Types of Pen Testing

There are three main approaches used in penetration testing. Each tool application is characterized by the level of knowledge the “friendly hacker” is given when attempting to gain access to a company’s protected information.

Black Box Testing
Black box, or external, penetration testing is a term that can refer to a testing where the hacker is given no knowledge or information about the security software or applications prior to a hack attempt. This approach is used to compare the hack attempt to one done by an external cyberattack. Without any familiarity with the internal system or software, the friendly hacker here will have to make guesses and find their own way into a system. This tool can give you the most realistic view of how your security system could be vulnerable from an external attack.

White Box Testing
A white box, or internal, penetration test is the opposite of a black box test. In this approach, the friendly hacker is given as much information as possible about the security system and software. Use of this tool can provide a different level of insight, given the more thorough nature of the testing. With knowledge of the software, this tool can take a deeper look into every corner of a system and determine any weak links in your security walls.

Grey Box Testing
Grey box testing lands right in the middle of the previous two tools for testing. In this approach, the friendly hacker is given some limited knowledge of the system they are trying to penetrate. This approach can focus on the potential risks from within a company and assess the ability of a hacker to climb the information ladder if they get a foot in the door of your system. Given a base user privilege, does your system allow someone to grow their access to a higher level of clearance?

Areas of Testing

Throughout the penetration testing procedure, there are many areas within a data security system that can be targeted for vulnerability. Your IT department has many facets and programs. Use the full scope of the penetration testing tool to ensure your valuable information is kept safe at all angles.

Network Testing
Testing in this area will focus on the potential vulnerability in your network infrastructure. Through each level of penetration testing, this tool will look for weak areas in your network from an internal base and external. This testing will encompass potential threats in your base, company networks as well as in the wireless infrastructure of your business.

Application Testing
It’s no surprise that the online portion of your data and information storage can be some of the most difficult to fully secure. Web applications are most vulnerable to cyber attacks and threats against your system. Penetration testing for your web applications can locate potential areas of vulnerability in the online security software for your company.

Client Testing
Cyber attacks can come from many angles to get to your valuable and confidential information. One potential direction can come from the client or buyers portal of your company. Cyber attackers can pose as a client of your company or falsely purchase from your business to gain a foothold into your security software system. Once low-level access is gained, hackers can burrow further into your software to access your confidential information. Testing from the client direction can provide insight into how hackers can exploit this approach to your data.

Human Resource Testing
Your employees and their information need to be safe and secure in your company. Even with security systems in place, the employee direction can be the least secure in your business. Due to the nature of access granted to employees for business function, a cyber attack aimed at the employee direction can provide the greatest level of information accessed for a hacker. Whether they pose as an employee to gain entry-level data accessibility, or target the access granted to a member of your company, hackers can easily exploit the internal data sharing within your business. Penetration testing from this angle can ensure the security of your system, even when the breach attempt comes from within your business network.

Each of these types of penetration testing allow a full analysis of your security vulnerability and can help you determine a need for further testing or ramped up security protection. Find the Metairie area’s top Penetration Testing and gain knowledge of the vulnerability of your business today. Don’t leave the security of your data and information to chance.

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