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As technology charges forward each day, so does the threat of Cybercrime for your Metairie area small business. One of the most important decisions you can make for your business is looking into cyber security companies with available services in Metairie. Your current IT support might be working to keep your information and data organized and backed up to cloud services, but is your provider keeping that information safe from outside threats? Invest in the safety of your company’s information and data with an IT provider focused on cyber threat solutions.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security providers work just like a security officer outside an office. While a security guard would patrol a property and monitor the safety of everything inside a building, IT cyber security companies monitor the safety and security of your Metairie business data and information. IT cyber security providers are constantly on guard for threats of information theft, software or hardware hacking, or the attempted re-sale of your business’ data or information to other companies.

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Having a reliable IT cyber security service for your Metairie business is essential to the safe process of your company. From client financial information to data on human resources, all information collected within your company’s network needs to be safe from cyber threat. Becoming a victim to cybercrime can negatively impact your business in many ways. When information is stolen or compromised, legal action must be taken to notify those impacted and attempt to locate the cyber threat. These processes can easily wrack up payments in legal fees, lawyer payments, and settlements to clients who were affected. Beyond financial impacts to your small business, cyber security concerns can take a toll on your client reputation. The effectiveness and safety of your IT support service may come into question when new clients are deciding if they want to partner with your Metairie area business.

A safe company is a trustworthy company. Invest in the security of your business’ network of important data and information when you check out IT cyber security companies in Metairie today!

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About Metairie

The town of Metairie was formed in the 1970’s by French Europeans looking to settle on the town’s natural levee. The levee was formed by a then-dried branch of the nearby Mississippi River. Up until 2019 Metairie was home to the triple-A minor league baseball team the New Orleans Baby Cakes. Located just outside New Orleans, Metairie also houses the training facilities for the NFL team the New Orleans Saints and the NBA team the New Orleans Pelicans. Given this location, many of the major athletes on these teams call Metairie home.

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