Our Services

Grayson Data Services creates custom solutions that can enable organizations to achieve optimum technology operations in the continuously changing technology world. We provide a complete technology package beginning with infrastructure selection and setup to application development. We offer day to day managed services and cloud computing to meet all your technology needs in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Our Focus is to provide clients the service they deserve by helping technology work better for you by automating routine business needs and challenges and optimizing the technology behind the scenes.

Our Hosted Services

Additional Services


Foundation Server and Multi Site Farms


SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more

System Administration

Support a wide range of software, computers and networks.


VMware and Hyper-V


Stay connected outside of the office.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud hosted backups, applications, VOIP and infrastructure.

Server Support

Windows and Linux support

Shared Storage

Support multiple vendors and setup types.


Penetration Testing, Firewalls, Alarm.com, security cameras and more.