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Why Companies are Moving to the Cloud

IT technologies evolve by the hour, but don’t be left behind when it comes to data storage systems. Find out why companies are moving to the cloud. When you move to storing your data and information in the cloud, you gain the benefits that come with a cloud drive storage system.[...]

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

Before we investigate the benefits of managed IT, what exactly is it? A managed IT service (sometimes called a hosted service) is a one-stop shop for all IT needs. [...]

The Value of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP allows businesses to make calls using broadband internet instead of relying on the typical phone system. To do this, the sound is converted [...]

Phishing - Are You The Weakest Link?

In the digital marketplace, it’s no longer enough to be the best there is at what you do. Business owners and entrepreneurs also fight a battle on multiple fronts. They must be ever-changing and [...]

To VPN or not to VPN?

GDS was asked by an employee of a client about VPN. We were asked should they run VPN at home for normal internet use even when they are not accessing company information. The answer we gave them is it depends. [...]