Managed Services

    Grayson Data Services is a full service IT shop. Ranging from custom development to daily helpdesk request. We want to manage your technology so you can focus on your business. GDS is constantly learning and trying the latest products so that we can benefit you with the best solution.
    Below are some of the main benefits of our managed services:

    • 24/7 Monitoring
      - We monitor and alert/resolve what is important to you and your business.
    • Security
      - GDS will patch and adjust policies to best fit your needs. With our hosted solutions, you are always up to date.
    • Backups
      - Backups – Your business contains critical data. Let GDS create cloud, local or hybrid backups and handle your backups for you. Your data is across multiple data centers for the most redundancy
    • Outsourcing
      - It is not cost effective to have multiple levels of IT in house if you do not need them. We can offer you a full service IT department where you only pay for what you need.
    • VoIP
      - We can offer you hosted phone services with more features, no headache, and usually a cheaper price than your current solution.
    • App Development
      - Software development is becoming essential to optimizing your internal production. GDS is here to create custom mobile app, web pages, and software to fit your exact needs.


          Security Solutions

    Security is a constantly changing and evolving service that needs to stay as current as possible. There are also a lot of layers that make this process complex. At Grayson Data Services, we are constantly updating our security services to automatically help you achieve peace of mind when it comes to security.
    Below are some of the main features of our security solutions:

    • Monitoring
      - 24/7 monitoring and alerting with historical reporting.
    • Isolation
      - Policy changes or device modifications can be done to stop the spread of threats.
    • Anti Virus
      - Centrally hosted anti virus solution.
    • Web Filtering
      - Block security related content before it is even on your device.
    • Phishing Training
      - Let us send safe phishing emails to your users to test your weakest links.


          Backups & Business

    Protecting your data is always important, and is easy to do in a world of cloud computing. Even though you are backing up your data, you need to always remember to test your backup. With our services, it is easy to view your backups, and restore your files. You are also able to easily restore your entire server directly to the cloud as an exact copy for full disaster recovery testing. Our solution provides you with full image (even bare metal) or file level backups of many different platforms and software. This solution also provides you with the option of disaster recovery and business continuity options where your data is encrypted in flight and at rest without any VPN required.
    Below are some of the main features of our hosted backup solution:

    • Cloud and Local Backups
      - Backup directly to the cloud, to local storage, or a hybrid backup to the cloud and local storage.
    • Backup Frequency
      - Backup on a customizable schedule or real-time.
    • Encryption and Compression
      - Compress the data before it is sent to the backup destination. Encrypt the data before it is sent, during transport, and at rest in the backup destination.
    • Cross Platform Backup
      - The backup software works with Windows, MAC, Linux, Office 365, Google mailbox data, Azure VMs, and Amazon EC2 instances.
    • Backup Options
      - Block level, system state, bare metal, SQL server, Exchange, and Office 365.
    • Bandwidth Throttling
      - Set maximum transmit speed limits during work hours and have them automatically adjust after hours.
    • Speed
      - Unlimited internet bandwidth in and out of the datacenters. Multiple edge locations for faster access to the datacenters.
    • Storage Reliability
      - Replicated storage across multiple datacenters without performance loss. Uptime: 99.99%. Durability: 99.999999999%
    • Security Compliance
      - HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, EU Data Protection Directive, and FISMA compliance standards. The client creates the only decryption key.
    • Up to date
      - No need to pay for version upgrades; updates are included in your subscription.

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